WHAT are Doctor Podcasts?

Unique on-demand content featuring your Doctors - a turnkey service to educate your community. We interview your doctors each month and create conversational podcasts, as well as a searchable podcast library, that is easily embedded on your hospital website.


WHY this is a necessity.

Consumers are searching online RIGHT NOW for health information and your doctors are their most trusted source - so give them a voice to your community!  Position your organization as the health and wellness destination. An excellent Physician Relations tool that promotes your key service lines and improves patient satisfaction scores.


Podcasts have exploded in popularity, now with almost 100-MILLION monthly users. ​​In this on-the-go world, people want content when they want it, where they want it​,​ on the digital device of their choice. There is no form of media that is more multi-task friendly than Podcasts.


So, there really is no choice​ anymore - Podcasts are as important as social media and even your website​ itself​. Make your doctors happy, make your marketing team happy, make your community happy with the DoctorPodcasting System powered by RadioMD.

FREE Doctor Podcasts.

Your most trusted assets are your Doctors and people want to hear from them.
So, we're giving you a FREE trial to see how they sound.


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