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As the pioneer in healthcare audio podcast production, the DoctorPodcasting system makes it easy for hospitals and other healthcare organizations to promote their providers and services on their own podcast series. We help over 100 leading hospitals across the country reach their intended audience through our turnkey system.


We become your hospitals' podcast department and take on the tasks of scheduling the physician interviews, providing professional talk hosts to chat with the doctors, recording and editing the podcasts, embedding the podcasts on the hospital websites with easy widgets, and distributing to the popular podcast apps (Apple, Spotify, iHeart, etc.). And we extend the reach of your podcasts by repurposing them into additional content (articles, social players, etc.) with our Content Buffet menu.


We do the "heavy lifting" to create the content you want. Whether your audience are consumers, referring physicians, or internal employees, we work with you to create your unique podcasts and maximize their exposure.


For hospitals that prefer to produce their own podcasts, we offer valuable and much-needed professional support by providing remote recording, editing, distribution, additional content creation, and consulting.


Podcasts are ubiquitous and are now not only mainstream media but popular beyond anyone's expectations. Most healthcare marketing departments no longer feel that podcasts are just another option–they are a must-have marketing tool.



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