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Mix and match fresh content derived from your podcast interviews to add to your constant stream of content

Narrative 'story-telling' podcasts available -- see additional services below

Physician BioPods


Short-form audio biography segments to introduce your physicians to the patient, building trust before the appointment is even scheduled. These audio features bring the physician profile to life, without the high cost of traditional videos.


Physician BioPods Demos



RadioMD journalists will write custom articles based on the topics discussed in your podcasts.


Since the content is truly unique to your organization, these articles are perfect to submit to local newspapers and for use in your newsletters, social media, doctors' bios, and other print or digital media.


Audio-to-Social Player


Your users can listen to your podcasts, medical minutes, or Physician BIOpods right on your social media channels (time limits per social media platform vary).

Medical Minutes


RadioMD will edit your doctors' interviews to produce short form audio segments that you can use as on-hold messages, radio commercials, news releases, or additional content for your website and social media.


Medical Minute Demos

Transcripts/Articles Translated from English to Spanish


RadioMD will translate your doctors' podcast interviews to Spanish as a transcription. Spanish speaking people in your community will benefit from the important information discussed in your podcasts.


Podcasts en Español


We offer Spanish speaking hosts

Example Click Here.


(additional fees apply)

Narrative "Story Telling" podcasts


Enhance traditional testimonials with patient journey podcasts. These powerful segments tell your patient's story through their experience and success - all in their own voice. With professional narration as well as music and sound effects where appropriate.

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Narrative Demo

Narrative Demo

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